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What We Do

Its an innovative software to simplify and enhance the management and presentation of geography and statistics.

We improve your business structure

We help organisations around the bring data about people and places to life – and share them.

  • interactive visuals

    We think highly interactive visuals are more engaging than static tables and get you and your data noticed by people who matter;

  • Open data Structure

    We love open data and try to add structure where it is needed to help people use it but not everything you need is open data;

  • Visual Analytics

    We respect great business intelligence and visual analytics tools but think that the way we handle maps gives you (and us) an edge;

  • Flexible Service

    We value the people who work for us, we give them flexibility and they give you great service.

Iamdigital is the digital solution provider, a concern of Outbox Limited aimed to provide digital Advertising services to our esteem clients. With the vision of “bringing innovation in approach” is the motto of iamdigital Limited. A team of young & tech- savvy people are working to serve the clients to meet their goal in digital space.

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