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What We Do

Manage your customers to provide excusive support and generate feedback data in an interactive way

We improve your business structure

IVR technology allows user to interact with computer through voice-based system. Our mobile phone notification and survey platform remove the barriers to insightful mobile communication between citizens worldwide and the organizations serve them.

  • IVR Services:

    IVR services provide interactive communication between people and computer in voice.

  • Call center:

    The solution can be converted into single number driven call centers.

  • Analytics:

    Useful analytics can be used to generate organization related data for analysis and reporting.

  • Link Building:

    Build a better relation with customers and problem finders in an interactive way and monitor your services continuously.

What Services We Offer

Change your custom business problem into power tools with our experts

What We Can Do with Our IVR

Powerful features support every form of mobile engagement, through voice and SMS in local languages.
  • Gather Feedback

    Collect real-time information from customers and beneficiaries. Monitor projects by directly asking the people affected, for a fraction of the cost of in-person interviews.

  • Promote Healthy Behaviour

    Provide the information and reminders people need to make positive decisions in health, hygiene, agriculture, and education.

  • Design Policy

    Quickly poll priorities and needs of large numbers of constituents

  • Research and Journalism

    Conduct longitudinal studies, or seek out and report public opinion

  • Offer transparency

    Inform citizens of budget plans, project updates, and accountability

  • Event Reporting

    Enable citizens to quickly and safely report events, outbreaks, and abuses

Why Choose Our IVR

A disruptive new tool for mobile impact
  • Accessible by all Citizen

    Our IVR reaches all phones and offers both SMS and voice interaction (IVR). Our tool does not require participants to read or write, to speak English, to own a smartphone, or to download an application.

  • Easy-to-use by all organizations

    Our IVR provides a web-based, ready-to-run service, which can be instantly accessed by any organization with internet access. It is easily used in all sectors and languages – no technical knowledge or hardware investment required.

  • An all-in-one platform

    Our IVR is the only service that integrates incoming and outgoing voice, SMS and analytics into one simple platform to facilitate every possible mobile-based mass interaction. Users can send messages, build polls, and offer menu-driven call-in services to connect people to the information they need.

Iamdigital is the digital solution provider, a concern of Outbox Limited aimed to provide digital Advertising services to our esteem clients. With the vision of “bringing innovation in approach” is the motto of iamdigital Limited. A team of young & tech- savvy people are working to serve the clients to meet their goal in digital space.

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